saragosa megilasi etkinlikOn January 26, 2016 Zaragosa Megillah was loaned to the museum by the Samuel Family to be exhibited for a limited time. Do not forget to see this exclusive piece.

In the evening of Tuesday, January 26, the Neve Şalom Synagogue and The Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews witnessed a first ever event. The Samuel Family celebrated the Zaragoza Purim in a festive atmosphere, joined by a large assembly of worshippers, as they read the antique Zaragoza Megillah. It is an heirloom of the family and under the responsibility of Albert Haim Samuel.  The Megillah was then loaned to the museum to be displayed for a limited time. The Turkish Jewish Community was thus able to celebrate for the first time the Zaragoza Purim which is a ‘Purim Katan’.