Unmissable Jazz Concert at Edirne Synagogue

After a long time, the Great Edirne Synagogue is preparing to host art lovers with a big concert.

Young talents of Jazz Music Guy Mintus Trio and vocalist Naama Nachum will take the stage on Sunday, May 22 at the Great Edirne Synagogue.

Guy Mintus, pianist and composer of Iraqi, Moroccan and Polish Jewish origin, is a true citizen of the world. He lives in Tel Aviv and New York. He gives concerts in different cities of Canada and America, as well as in Brazil, India, Bulgaria, Switzerland, France and Germany.

The music of Guy Mintus, who has also given concerts in Istanbul many times, is like a meeting point of different rivers of inspiration. In most of his compositions, he refers to the colors of his ethnic roots.

He has the energy of a rock star and the adventurous spirit of a musician who does not hesitate to throw himself into middle eastern rhythms and blends them with jazz rhythms. As Grammy winner Arturo Farrill said, "Guy is a mad scientist, no one plays like him." This reference is about the intensity of the academic base in Guy's compositions, albeit freestyle.

The Guy Mintus trio was born out of the need to create a home where different identities and interactions could co-exist as one voice. The electrical and kinetic energy among the musicians was described by the critic Barka Fabianova (Full Moon Zine Magazine) as "holding the whole hall in one breath".

The concert he gave in Ankara in 2021 allowed jazz lovers to meet the standards of Mintus in Turkey. For Mintus; Especially the free improvisation effect of classical music has an important privilege in the jazz language. We see this in the most beautiful Beethoven interpretations.

( https://www.jerusalem-theatre.co.il/eng/Events/1309/The_Guy_Mintus_Trio_plays_Beethoven )

Among the awards that Mintus has been awarded are the "Leonard Bernestein" award given by the Ascap and Leonard Bernstein Family Foundation, the Folk Award by the Montreux Jazz Festival in the festival's solo piano competition, and the "Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award" by Ascap twice.

For transportation to Edirne by bus from the European and Anatolian sides to the Synagogue, including the meal after the concert in the Synagogue's garden, the fee will be 350 TL (300 excluding transportation).

For reservation proceed to: Ms. Emel. 535 350 07 78 Ms. Dalia 0532 234 11 35 Ms. Elda via Whatsapp on 0533 763 00 76, Ms. Tilda on 0212 231 92 82.