Collective Art Exhibition at Römerhallen City Frankfurt am Main

June 1st to June 14th, 2023 Römerhallen City Frankfurt am Main

Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm

Sepharad - "Traces of a Multicultural Heritage"

Frankfurt am Main will be hosting a special exhibition that highlights the diverse heritage of the Sephardic Jews from Turkey. Titled "Sepharad - Traces of a Multicultural Heritage," the exhibition will showcase over 70 artworks from 30 Turkish Sephardic artists. This exhibition is a first of its kind in Frankfurt and provides visitors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of these artists and discover their works.

The exhibition "Sepharad - Traces of a Multicultural Heritage" provides insight into the art and culture of the Sephardim and their long history of integration into Turkish culture. There is a long and rich history of Jewish community in Ottoman Lands. Hundreds of thousands of Jews arrived in Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultan Beyazit the Second, when the Spanish Monarchy forced them to leave Spain in 1492. For over 531 years, the Sephardic people have embraced Ottoman and Turkish culture whilst not forgetting their Spanish roots, which is manifested through Turkish Sephardic art and culture.

Sephardic Jews expelled from the Iberian Peninsula conserved their culture, language and history for centuries.

The integration of the Sephardim into the Ottoman Empire was not only a humanitarian gesture, but also a strategic decision. The Ottomans believed that the Sephardim, with their cultural and economic skills, could contribute to the development of the empire. The Sephardim not only contributed to the cultural life of the empire but also played an important role in the trade relations between Europe and Asia. Jews have lived in Frankfurt continuously for nearly 900 years, longer than in any other German city. Frankfurt has historically been the centre of the Jewish community, and the Holocaust deeply affected to them.

The year of 2023 marks the 78th anniversary of the end of the tragic World War II. Yunus Emre Institut is collaborating with the Museum of Turkish Jews in Istanbul to exhibit the valuable work of Sephardic artists, as well as getting hold of valuable replicas such as Ketubah, (marriage contract) The Blood Libel Decree, Budin Charter and much more.

The exhibition "Sepharad - Traces of a Multicultural Heritage" showcases a curated selection of over 70 artworks by 30 Turkish Sephardic artists from Istanbul. Spanning a range of artistic mediums, from traditional forms such as painting and textiles to contemporary media like photography, these artworks demonstrate the richness and diversity of Sephardic artistic expression. By presenting these artifacts, the exhibition underscores the importance of integrating individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Through its exploration of Sephardic art, this exhibition provides a testament to the beauty and cultural significance of embracing multiculturalism.

The Sephardim have made significant contributions to the culture and history of Turkey, and their integration serves as an example of successful integration of people from different backgrounds and cultures. The exhibition "Sepharad - Traces of a Multicultural Heritage" provides a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate this fascinating history and culture.

The exhibition "Sepharad - Traces of a Multicultural Heritage" is a valuable opportunity for visitors to discover the deep cultural connection between Turkey and Spain through the artworks of Turkish Sephardic artists. The exhibition is presented by the Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Berlin and supported by the Turkish Consulate General in Frankfurt. Terry Katalan, the curator of the exhibition, has put together a selection of more than 70 artworks by 30 Turkish Sephardic artists, all of whom are from Istanbul. Among them honorary worldwide known, contemporary artists Habib Gerez alongside honorary photographer Izzet Keribar who was awarded the 2018 Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Award in the field of art/photography.

We are grateful for the support of the city of Frankfurt am Main, Turkish Airlines, the Museum of Turkish Jews Istanbul, the Jewish Museum Frankfurt and the Instituto Cervantes Frankfurt. This exhibition demonstrates how art can convey cultural heritage and promote understanding of multiculturalism.

We warmly invite all art enthusiasts to participate in this significant exhibition and discover the beauty of Sephardic culture.