Gourmet Tours

In gourmet tours, tastes from the Sephardi cuisine and if asked for, menus with fish, will be prepared. Special menus can be prepared according to group’s wishes.

***Due to Kashrut rules, menus with meat can not be provided.

Boutique tours of 10-12 people: Please contact:  infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">@muze500.com for reservation and menu selection.

Package Menus:

Menu 1

Peshkado a la shaka (Kon Guevo i limon) / Fish with lemon and egg

Armiko de tomate / A tomato dish

Halva de Semola / Halvah with semolina

Menu 2

Peshkado kon Pirishil İ Tomate / Fish with tomatoes and parsley

Kashkarikas / Squash peels

Gato Salam / Pyramid cake

Menu 3

Pırasa Köftesi kon Muez /Patties with leeks and walnuts

Kuartikos de Berendjena / An eggplant meal

Halva de Bimbriyo / Quince halvah

Menu 4

Kucharikas / Eggplant spoons

Tapada de Espinaka / Pastries with spinach

Halva de Semola /Halvah with semolina

Menu 5

Ravikos /Spinach pastries

Frojalda /Salted cake (Edirne style)

Borekitas de lokum / Pastries with Turkish delight

Pastry Menus

Tapada (Berndjena / Espinaka / Patata) / Pastries with eggplant, spinach or potatoes.

Kalavasucho / Pastry with squash




Frojalda (Salted cake - Edirne style)

Bulemas / Rose pastry

Dessert Menus


Halva de Bimbriyo

Halva de Semola

Gato Salam

Biskochikos de Pimyenta

Biskochikos de Raki