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Sephardic and Jewish Cuisine Workshop took place on 18th September 2019 in the Museum, with the participation of Aydemir Ay from Edirne Municipality , Aylin Tan, food culture writer and critic in Sephardic restaurants, Deniz Alphan, the author of the documentary and the book "Dina's Kitchen" and Sima Ovadya, writer of Sephardic recipes' books.

Gilda Kohen was the moderator of the workshop, which was held with the large participation of the well-established families of Edirne.

During the workshop, the most commonly used recipes in Sephardic and Jewish cuisine from past to present, as well as ideas and traditions of this culture were exchanged. The book being prepared by Aydemir Ay on the Sephardic Dishes of Edirne, was also interpreted by the participants.