The Quincentennial Foundation Museum Of Turkish Jews,  which has been in service since 2001 in Karaköy Perçemli Street, has welcomed its visitors to its new complex, The Neve Shalom Synagogue in December 2015 with its updated content and modern exhibition technologies.

The museum consists of the presentation of the 2600 years of historical and cultural heritage of Turkish Jews in this land, their contributions  to the social and state life of the country they live in; of sections presenting the history,the  ethnography,The  Midrash, where religious objects are exhibited, the traditions, the life cycle and the settlements. The midway hall, which establishes the physical connection between the Museum and Neve Shalom, which is located on 3 floors, enables the live viewing of religious ceremonies in the synagogue. Witnessing rituals such as circumcision, weddings and Bar Mitzvah actually makes the museum visitor a part of the ceremony.

Equipped with contemporary museum concepts, interactive panels have been designed and technology has found its place in the museum with touch screens. In the Cultural Center, which is located in the basement and used for temporary exhibitions, periodical exhibitions are frequently held.

In 2001, the Synagogue was put into service as a museum, with the valuable contributions of the Kamhi family, Naim A. Güleryüz's suggestions and design, within the framework of the celebration program by The Quincentennial Foundation. The building maintained this function until 2015.