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The visitors and the friends of the museum have attended the concert, held on Sunday, April 14 at Neve Shalom Synagogue, which will also be held most of the following sundays. The works of Handel, Bach, Sanz, Corelli and Burgmuller were played in the concert with Musa Albukrek in violin, Cem Küçümen in guitars and Deniz Küçümen in cello.
You can follow these events in the museum on Sundays and in the social media accounts of the museum.

nes korosu

On Sunday, March 24, Nes Ladies Choir performed songs in Ladino language in our museum.

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"Facing The Holocaust" exhibition prepared by Yusuf Tolga Unker, by coloring the black-and-white Holocaust photographs was exhibited at the museum in order not to forget and not to let forget, not to be ignored again.
An exhibition of Holocaust photos, colored by Yusuf Tolga Unker under the permission of The Yad Vashem and The Holacaust Jewish Museum in New York was held on Thursday (24 January) under the sponsorship of the German Consulate in the Quincentennial Foundation Museum Of Turkish Jews.
The exhibition was visited until 30 March.
In addition to 59 photos of Unker's coloring, the exhibition also included watercolor and pencil works of him, based on the photographs.


Organized in 35 different countries of Europe, The European Day of Jewish Culture took place with an intense participation in The Quincentennial Foundation Museum Of Turkish Jews and The Neve Shalom Synagogue and Cultural Center.

The culture and traditions of Jews living in Turkey was presented with various activities. This year, the theme of the event, that takes place in Turkey since 2001, was “Us With Stories”.

Anne Frank Sergi Afis Final 3

"Anne Frank - A History For Today" exhibition was exhibited in our museum during the summer of 2018.

The travelling exhibition "Anne Frank - a History for Today" is the center piece of the international work of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. This Turkish-English version uses Anne Frank's life story to tell the history of the Holocaust and to encourage young people to reflect on the both the past and present. Quotes from the diary of Anne Frank and photos of the Frank family guide the visitor through this history. The exhibition makes use of personal stories and eyewitness accounts to highlight themes such as prejudice, racism, extreme nationalism, persecution, resistance, human rights and democracy. Copies of the travelling Anne Frank exhibition have been shown in over 70 countries worldwide.

The exhibition was organized by SEHAK and Anne Frank House of Amsterdam.


Holokost Avrupa’sında görev yapan İspanyol Dış işleri yetkililerinden oluşan bir grup onurlu diplomat, binlerce Yahudiyi sınır dışı edilmekten ve imhadan kurtardı. 

İspanya Büyükelçiliği ve 500. Yıl Vakfı Türk Musevileri Müzesi iş birliğiyle düzenlenen "Görevin Ötesinde" Sergisi 3 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba günü müzede açılmıştır.

hanuka 2017
On December 19th, we lit candles for "Peace" in the Hanukkah Event in the Museum and Neve Shalom Synagogue.

5 kasim ykga gorseliThe Jewish Museum of Turkey hosted a series of events on Nov. 5 to celebrate the Jewish culture and heritage in Turkey, as part of the European Day of Jewish Culture activities.

The events which were open to public included music concerts, interviews, book promotions, documentary screenings, exhibitions and a theatrical representation of a Jewish wedding at the Neve Shalom Synagogue.

bienal grup

Within the context of the 15th Istanbul Biennial "Neighbors", a mixed photo exhibition called "One Heart One Soul" , organized by The Quincentennial Foundation Museum Of Turkish Jews met with art lovers.

The most distinguished works of Abdulkadir Karatas, Nikolaos Manginas, Alberto Modiano, Jil Pardo, Emine Ülkerim, Kemal Eskenazi, Hakan Circir, Rubi Asa, Mıgırdıç Arzivyan, Berge Arabian and Bilal Akar, the photos they've taken on the neighbor relations in Istanbul met their visitors. In the exhibition where Ovadya worked as Project Advisor, Dalia Maya became Project Coordinator. While Hakan Circır undertook the design of the booklet that depicts the exhibition he made on the editorial board of Onur Caymaz, he made the printing of the Etika plant and left it for future generations as a gift. Works are exhibited in 7 chapters under Nostalgia, Traditional Neighborhood, Cultural Sharing, Transfiguration-Lost Values, Transformation-Lost Neighborhood, Solidarity and Hope Title.

Pesah Seder EtkinlikIn our Museum on 19th of April, we have shared our Passover meals and traditions with our guests, along with prayers in memory of the Exodus from Egypt.

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In the Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi, between 16th-23th of March, Çanakkale Wars, World War I and the Ottoman Jews Exhibition was displayed. Mayor of Kadıköy Aykurt Nuhoğlu, Deputy Mayor Uygur Çakmak and the Chief Rabbi Rav İzak Haleva were present in the opening ceremony.

alaluf2On the 12th February, The Saragosa Purim was celebrated in the Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews.