galata yahudi mirasi turlari

Jewish Heritage Tours in Galata is planned to take place once a month assisted by a proffesional Tour Guide.

iro 13 nisanWe hosted the Istanbul Chamber of Tour Guides at the museum.

tunusA feasibility study was made on creating a Jewish Museum at the El Griba Synagogue, on the Cerbe island. El Griba Synagogue has the distinction of being the oldest synagogue on the African continent.

turev 8HaziranWe hosted the Foundation of Tourist Guides at the museum.

yildiz izak balerThe opening ceremony was held of the midrash named after the Yıldız & Isak Baler couple.

habib gerez dgunu etkinlikThe 90th birthday celebration of painter and poet Habib Gerez was held and the exhibit featuring his paintings was toured. 

bartolomeosChief Rabbi Ishak Haleva toured the museum with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the Honorable Patrick Bartholomeos, together with other bishops that accompanied them.

tursabWe hosted the Turkish Association of Travel Agents at the museum.

We hosted the Istanbul Chamber of Tour Guides at the museum.



Curated by Metin Delevi, this documentary exhibit titled ‘Battle of Gallipoli, World War One and the Ottoman Jews’, tells of the cultural heritage of Jews in the lands of the Turkish Republic and can be visited at the Grand Edirne Synagogue

ilber ortayli imza gunuAfter İlber Ortaylı autographed editions of his latest book, ‘Taking a look at the Ottoman’ in the museum, an interview was conducted with him at the Neve Şalom Synagogue.

basinAn informational presentation was made to the members of the media on the re-constructed museum.