CONCERT OF DUNYA GROUPOne of the most unique cultural heritages of the Ottoman Empire is the “Jewish Maftirim Chorus” who had been directly influenced by the Mevlevi’s and Bektashi’s sect music.

Huizinga Instituut PhD Course "Istanbul, city of contrasts.Culturel transfer between Europe and Turkey" attenders visited the Museum on June 2, 2010 and met with the President of The Quincentennial Foundation Naim A. Guleryuz.

JAK KAMHİ ONURLANDIRMA GECESİ25 Mayıs 2010 günü, Vakfın 1989-2008 dönemi Kurucu Başkanı ve halen Onursal Başkanı Jak Kamhi'nin adı Müze Ana Holü’ne verilerek duvara çakılan kristal bir plaketle ebedileştirildi.

SEMA, THE DANCE OF WHIRLING DERVISHESOn 23 May 2010, Museum had the opening of a photo exhibition called "Sema,the "dance" of Whirling Dervishes" by Rozita Kandiyoti. Exhibition will be open till 20th of July.

ADALAR KULTUR DERNEGI (CULTURE ASSOCIATIONS OF THE ISLANDS)Adalar Kultur Dernegi visited the museum In 17 January 2010. Our curator gave a briefing about the Jewish life in Turkey. The group tasted Sepharadic food.

The Europen Day of Jewish Culture is celebrated every year in more than 30 countries all over Europe on the first Sunday of September. The aim of this organisation is to introduce Jewish Culture and heritage.

TWO NEW EXHIBITIONSWith the beginning of the new summer season, we are glad to announce our two exhibitions curated by Naim Avigdor Güleryüz.

HIGLIGHTS FROM RABBI NISIM BEHAR'S LIFEHiglights from Rabbi Nisim Behar's life.

FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR 2008September 17, 2008 - January 11, 2009 Under the auspices of the Ministery of Culture, we participated in this fair and exhibited objects from our collection at the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM ARON ANGELS LIFEAn exhibition, "Highlights from Aron Angel’s Life", took place from September 7 2008 until December 12th 2008. The first town planner of Turkey, Aron Angel (born 1916) is still an active member of the community.

SANTİAGO DE CHİLE'DE SERGİ VE KONFERANSWe participated in the photography exhibition organised by the "Centro de Estudios Judaicos" of the Chile University. Naim Güleryüz presented a lecture on "Jewish Life in Istanbul" at the opening of the exhibition.

AMY SINGER SYMPOSIUM A briefing was given by Naim Güleryüz to 35 students who visited the Museum with Prof Amy Singer of the Tel Aviv University and who were studying the topic "The Seven Centuries Old Jewish Saga in the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic".