A training afternoon for professional guides, members of the ARED Association of Ankara Guides was organized.

WORLD GATHERING OF BEHMUARAS FAMILIESMembers of Edirne originated Behmuaras-Behmoiras families from around the globe, from USA and Brazil to Australia, gathered in Istanbul for a worldwide family meeting.

DANTELACI = THE LACE SELLERA short film by Eyten Ipekel, Dantelaci "The Lace seller" was shown throughout the day, as part of the program of the European Day of Jewish Culture.

KAMONDO COMMEMORATİON PLAQUEDuring the Camondo Commemoration Week a plaque in Turkish and English, stating the name of Camondo Family, has been unveiled by Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Mayor of Beyoglu, at the Stairs the family constructed at the end of 19th century.

KAMONDOS PHOTO EXHİBİTİONA Photo exhibition relating to the saga of the Camondo Family was opened at the Jewish Museum by Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Mayor of Beyoglu.

A training afternoon for 45 professional guides, members of the IRO Istanbul Chamber of Guides was organized.

THE MANUSCRIPT BY RAV RAPHAEL SABANThe manuscript by Rav Raphael Saban, former Chief Rabbi of Turkey (1953-1960), referring to his work "Sources of Rashi’s Interpretations of the Torah" was donated to the Museum by his grandson the lawyer Rýfat Saban, who sponsored its printing as a book.

ALBUM OF THE MUSEUM OF TURKISH JEWSA 96-page color album in Turkish and English, edited by Naim Güleryüz, project coordinator and curator of the Museum, was published.

ANNUAL MEETING 2004 OF AEJM50 delegates of Jewish Museums from 17 countries gathered in Istanbul for the 2004 Annual Meeting of the "Association of European Jewish Museums".

THE GOLDEN YEARS FESTIVITIESA nostalgic Sunday afternoon for the couples (or widows) who were married at the Zulfaris Synagogue - Kal Kadosh Galata, where the Museum is established. Speeches, slides, a multi-media show, souvenirs and a wedding cake cut by the oldest and youngest couple married there were some of the events of the afternoon.

POSTAL COMMUNICATION IN THE HOLY LANDS IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIREA collection of post-cards, post seals and other documents from different countries holding post-offices in the Holy Lands during the Ottoman Empire, by Cengiz Arsman, Honorary President of the Federation of Turkish Philatelist Associations was held at the Profilo Mall

LOS PASHAROS SEFARADIS CONCERTTo mark the European Day of Jewish Culture a large audience attended the open-air concert of Sephardic songs in front of the Museum, and accompanied the singers: Los Pasharos Sefardis, in their nostalgic repertoire.